Participación en la Conferencia Internacional de Especialistas en Sistemas de Humedales de Tratamiento

IWA en Gdansk (Polonia), Septiembre 2016

Presentaciones de 5 países (Brasil, México, Colombia, Nicaragua, Canadá) entre otros.

  • Efficiency in the treatment of municipal wastewater by a subsurface horizontal flow wetland modified to rural communities in Mexico Osornio-Berthet L., Barceló-Quintal I., Lopez-Chuken U., García-Martinez M., Beltrán-Rocha MEXICO
  • Ammonium tolerance and toxicity of Veltiveria zizanioides – A candidate species for use in vertical flow constructed wetland Ribeiro C., Mello M., Catarino A., Castanheira I., Carvalho F., Imaginario M., Almeida A. BRASIL
  • Potential of constructed wetlands for municipal wastewater treatment in Nicaragua from perspective of the public utility Roque E., Zuñiga D., Sandoval E., Hoffman H. NICARAGUA
  • Does plant richness influence pollutant removal in TWs – A meta-analytic approach. Rodriguez M., Brisson J., Martin C., Proulx R. CANADA
  • Assesing the functional potential of microbial communities in constructed wetlands for the treatment of combinaed sewer overflow (retention soil filters). Tondera K., Button M., Ruppelt J., Dolny R., Pinnekamp J., Weber K. CANADA
  • Treatment of a wood preservative leachate by a constructed wetland and a willow planted filter Lévesque S., Demers E., Brisson J., Comeau Y. CANADA
  • Adaptation of vegetation in high rate constructed wetlands filled with plastic support media Corzo A., Sanabria O.A., García M. COLOMBIA
  • Combined technologies, HUSB and aerated treatment wetlands for the treatment of urban and industrial wastewaters. Alvarez J.A, De la Varga D., Pascual A.D., Oirschot V., Kilian R., Carvalho P., Brix H., Arias C. DINAMARCA
  • Aerated Wetlands, oxygen demand and performance in the HIGHWET FP7 project. Oirschot V., De la Varga D., Kilian R., Soto M., Alvarez J.A., Pascual A.D., Carvalho P., Arias C. DINAMARCA
  • SWINGS, constructed wetlands combined with solar powered disinfection technology for treating wastewaters to provide safe waters for reuse in Aligarh, India. Arias C, Avila C., Otter C., Jorgensen C., Kilian R., Khalil N., Carvalho P., Brix H., Alvares J.A.


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